„Turning the Wheel of Fortune“ published in Germany

I am happy to announce that my third historical fiction novel has been published in Germany. Again I am astounded at how different it feels to hold the printed copy in my hands. What started as a word text file has become a thing of beauty. Despite this being my seventh novel in total and umptieth publication, that feel never grows old.

My sincere gratitude goes to Anne Tente, my editor, Eva Philippon and Daniel Jödemann for saving the day by producing the Vienna city plan on such short notice.

Done with the babbling, on to the happy.

Turning the Wheel of Fortune

Vienna, the year of 1529: the storm of the Ottoman army is approaching the town. Trying to escape, young Madelin is separated from her very different sister. Madelin is courageous, full of life and full of love.

Being caught in the fight for the last bastion of Christianity, the Reader of Fate is unaware of the fact that she holds the key to the town’s weal and woe: a mysterious deck of Tarot cards.

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